EST Client Testimonials

"From 2009-2016 I was a casual runner who did not have any experience with a running coach.  In 2018, I decided that I really wanted to focus my energy on training to run another marathon. Rob was extremely helpful in not only understanding my goals but also helping me with my race selections and setting my expectations. Prior to 2018, as a self taught runner, I was a 3:39 marathoner and around 19:30 5k pace. By 2019, Rob set my plan and we were able to get exactly my goal of a 3:04 in the Philadelphia Marathon. Within 18 weeks I shaved off 35+ minutes on my marathon PR!! Rob showed me that I could meet and surpass my goals. By 2019 I was running sub 6:00 5k pace and targeting a sub 3:00 marathon pace. Not only has Rob helped me with my training but he has really reassured me through various injuries and setbacks. He went above and beyond to ensure that my new plan accounted for more time to complete core work, cross training, and physical therapy to ensure I could stay fit to meet my goals. So far I have had three running plans with Rob and I can see improvements each day. 2020 will be my next target for the marathon and I look forward to working with Rob to meet my goals. I can honestly say that I found a new passion in running and I could not have done this without the help and expertise of EST. Thanks Rob!"

Tom F., Kennebunkport, ME


"Rob is a great resource, not only for a training plan, but also advice and feedback on how your training is going. Rob always has an encouraging word and isn't afraid to tell you to take a step back, if that is the right call. With Rob's help, I lowered my half marathon PR by 4 minutes and my marathon PR by 6 minutes. Thank you Eastern Shore Training."

Scott M., Portland, ME


"I began training with Eastern Shore Training (EST) in June 2016.  Up until then, I was a “home grown” athlete, making my own training plans that carried me to a point.  However, after a very disappointing 2016 Boston Marathon, I knew I needed something more in order to run what I knew I was capable of at the 2016 Maine Marathon.  EST was that “something more”.  Rob devised a marathon training plan that included speed workouts and special elements of long runs that I had never tried or even knew existed.  He checked-in weekly with me in order to provide continued direction and support.  However, these check-ins provided more than the run of the mill “how’s it going?” type of support, he believed in me and provided hope even when I had doubts or carried the mental baggage a previously disappointing race can bring.  With his guidance, I ran a 12 minute marathon PR (3:15) at the 2016 Maine Marathon and finished 3rd Overall Female.  I have since continued to use EST for various race distances.  It’s safe to say that EST has taken my running to new heights."

Hollie C., South Portland, ME


"Eastern Shore Training has helped spice up my late fall and winter training in preparation for the Mid-Winter Classic and the Sugarloaf Marathon.  I never competed in any sport until taking up running in my late forties.  After trying various distances, I settled down to run a couple of marathons each year.  My marathon training was getting stale and I needed something to make it more fun. Rob’s plans have given me a variety of workouts that I’ve never run before.  These workouts have challenged me to run faster on the track, mix up my daily runs with various drills, and have provided assorted goals for long runs to make them more challenging."

Shane M., Orono, ME

"I had reached a point in my races where I wasn’t getting faster, regardless of how hard I worked or faster I ran certain types of training runs. I knew that the only way I could bust out of my plateau was to consider hiring a running coach. I had never hired a running coach despite working alongside one at a sports conditioning clinic for a number of years! I guess I was waiting for one that I really felt would show me something I had not been doing or reading about and then came Rob. My friend was getting amazing results with him and I knew him from the racing scene… I mean who doesn’t in Maine?! So, I hired EST (at excellent rates I might add) and fast forward through the first 5k training cycle I had with him coaching me and I PR’d my first race out! I went on to PR again, too!

His workouts are challenging and there were a couple types I had never done prior but I was’t paying for workouts that I could coast through or for what I had already been doing; I hired Rob and EST to push me into new levels of fitness and that is precisely what I got!

Rob will work with you based on your goals and current conditioning and is flexible enough to change things when/if needed and you get to email him with questions or ask his advice, as I often do. I told him once that he is the only person I could imagine paying money to as a running coach and I meant every word. If you are ready to work hard and step up your game (and probably PR) then go for it with EST! Happy Running!"

Christie T., Lisbon, ME

"I had been running (and cycling) for 10+ years before realizing I really needed a coach. I was fortunate to be a reasonably competitive runner while just winging it for so long, but after having my first child, winging just wasn't working anymore. I really needed the structure of a training plan to help me manage my time and keep me on track, as well as a coach to help me stay positive and focused. It's been a wonderful and rewarding experience working with Rob, and it has given me renewed enthusiasm for running. Thank you EST!"

Emily L., Exeter, NH

"I began working with Rob at Eastern Shore Training after being benched for three months due to a stress fracture. I was very tentative to work with a coach so soon after returning to running because I felt like I was not "in shape" enough to do workouts. However, hiring EST quickly proved to be a great choice. Rob created a plan to help me safely build back my mileage and ease into workouts. The plan he created, along with his check-ins, were the perfect push to get me back into racing shape. I also greatly appreciate how accessible Rob is when it comes to training/racing questions and providing motivation when workouts are tough, or don't go as planned. I am looking forward to working with Rob for many more training cycles!"

Jamie T., Lewiston, ME

"I hired Rob in 2014 after a woman he was coaching beat me by 6 seconds at the Beach to Beacon race! We made top three in the Senior category and I thought to myself "I want to get faster before I get older!"  Ever since, Rob has guided me in running stronger and faster than I have ever been since my 40s.  His workouts give me the confidence of knowing what I can run and what it takes to improve.  In two years I’ve taken about 30 seconds off my 5K and 10K times.  I continue to use Rob’s coaching expertise and guidance in attempting to reach my goal of breaking 19 in the 5K one more time!"

Kelly B., Lewiston, ME

"I was originally hesitant to hire a coach because I had considered it an indication that I was taking myself and my "running hobby" a little too seriously. However, I still have a drive to lower my race times and I was stuck in a training rut. I had some relative success on my own with the 5k but was falling short of being able to convert my training to improvement with other distances. Previous online training plans and coaching didn't work for me because I work an irregular schedule and have a young child. I was caught in a "yo-yo" pattern of missing workouts one week and then trying to cram in too much the next week.    


With a 10k goal race in mind, I contacted Rob at Eastern Shore Training. What made me choose Rob over other coaching options (and there are many) is that he is a competitive runner himself who also balances a full-time job and a family outside of running. He understands when "life" gets in the way of training and he is responsive to making adjustments to my plan as needed.


Rob created a training plan for me that allowed me to train around my work schedule and balanced challenging workouts with appropriate recovery (it is nice to not feel guilty taking a rest day because your coach put it in your training plan!) Every training cycle has highs and lows and Rob has a great way of kicking me out of my occasional pity party while not minimizing my disappointment over a poor race or workout performance. While working with Eastern Shore Training in 2016 I was able to achieve many various distance PRs from the mile to half marathon (I even set a 10 mile PR while en route to shaving nearly 2 minutes off my half marathon time!) I am looking forward to more personal running success in 2017 with the help of Eastern Shore Training!"


Heather M., Westford, MA

Rob Gomez is a as good as they come when considering run coaching and racing training plans. I have now worked with Rob twice, once for getting ready for college cross country and most recently for the Boston marathon and the coaching and guidance I have received is incomparable. His background as a runner speaks for itself as far as his talent and experience, but what is most impressive is his ability to coach all walks of life to where they want to be as a runner, from couch to 5k, your first marathon, a BQ or prepping for a college running season. Over the two seasons I've worked with Rob, he's gotten to know me as a runner and what works best FOR ME, and personalized my training plan according to where I was at. The strength, experience and knowledge I've gained about myself as a runner through Rob is priceless. He is the way to go no matter what your goal.

Matt M., Portland, ME